EclEmma 2.3.0 Java Code Coverage for Eclipse EclEmma at
Eclipse Community Award 2008
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Any information and feedback of general interest can be posted at the JaCoCo and EclEmma Users group.. Comments and reviews for EclEmma might also be posted at the Eclipse Marketplace operated by the Eclipse Foundation.

Please rely on the channels described here to get instant support for EclEmma.


Friend of Eclipse Marc R. Hoffmann, Project Lead

Marc started the EclEmma project in 2006 and authored the initial releases. He works as a software consultant and lives in Munich/Germany. For direct contact please send an email to Marc's last name at

Brock Janiczak, Developer

As a developer Brock contributed several features since the early days of EclEmma.

Evgeny Mandrikov, Build Manager

As our build manager Evgeny maintains the Maven/Tycho based build for EclEmma.


Many useful features of EclEmma are based on the ideas of users. Several developers helped to improve the quality of EclEmma by filing bug reports and submitting patches. Please see the change log for individual credits.